Reflecting on Ourselves

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All we need to do is open up our eyes and peer through all the blatant lies,
come to realize that what I really despise, is myself, me oh my.
To fix it I need to find my soul in order to get out of this hole,
that I’ve dug so deep, 
so deep it’s not even where the dead sleep, but closer to hells reach.
Most days we tend to blame society as a whole for the problems we face. This original poem illustrates that the real struggle is ourselves. By opening up our minds and looking at ourselves with introspect we can come to realization that we have the power to make what we want of our lives, no matter how dire of a situation we may be in. By working on our self-discipline, self-esteem, mindfulness, and spirituality we are able to become the best versions of ourselves and accomplish whatever we set our minds to. This is the concept being portrayed in the poem, that we have the power to do what is necessary to fulfill our lives regardless of what others may limit us to. Comment down below and share what you felt about the poem and any life experiences it may have reminded you about!


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  • I’m surrounded by many people I know & strangers whom i’ll never see again, but have the same similarity onto comparing myself to both fields. I tend to blame my self image onto why I can’t see and accept the beauty within inside & out of me. But all in all, were all worth it in some way, were all unique & different. It just comes down to our own self, in order to find out.

    • Thanks for the reply Kaycee and sharing your life experience with us. You are correct that we need to look inside ourselves to make the best of our situations and always remember that you have the power to do so. You deserve to be happy, just like everyone else in this world.

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