Getting In Shape: A Beginner’s Guide

Taking the first steps to a healthier life-style can be confusing. This article will point you in the right direction in regards to your diet, supplements, and a workout plan. Once you are ready to make the jump check out the Intermediate Plan.
Taking the first steps to a healthier life style can be confusing, this article will point you in the right direction.Diet, Supplements, & Full-Body Workout.


This early in your fitness journey I do not recommend taking any supplements, you still need to get familiar with your body. There is plenty for you to learn and experience so you can better judge which supplements you really need. And remember, they are just supplements, there are no short cuts to buidling quality muscle, naturally. There are really only a hand full of supplements that are worth your money, and only if they are used for their specific purpose.


Following a rigorous diet can be overwhelming and even frightens many people away. Start by taking the first couple weeks to pay closer attention to what you eat, read nutrition labels (specifically the carbs, fat & protein), and to lower intake of junk food and simple carbs. Also, make sure you get in the habit of drinking PLENTY of water. Consider getting a 2L jug, filling it and making sure it is finished by the end of each day. This will all help you in getting ready to creating and following your meal plan.


This will be a full-body work out, done 2-3 times per week. My recommendation is to take two days off between each work out (Workout Rest Rest W R R W R R …), roughly being 2.3 sessions a week. If you prefer to keep a fixed weekly program, pick 2 or 3 days a week that fit your schedule. Form is VERY important, you must leave your ego at the door before entering the gym, lift weights heavy enough to give you that burn but also light enough for you to control.
Muscle Exercise Name Sets Reps Timer
Back Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 4 12 60 sec
Chest Barbell Incline Bench Press 4 10 60 sec
Triceps Cable Rope Triceps Pushdown 4 12 60 sec
Shoulders Barbell Standing Military Press 4 12 60 sec
Biceps Barbell Preacher Curl 4 12 60 sec
Upper Legs Barbell Squat 4 10 60 sec
Lower Legs Standing Calf Raises 4 15 60 sec
Abs Decline Crunch 4 15 60 sec
 Weight-Below-Heels*Tip: If you are new to squatting and are having a hard time with the from, try placing two weights below your heels while doing the exercise.


Reminder: Tomorrow is not the perfect day to start. This weekend is not the perfect time to start. Monday won’t be the perfect day either. The only perfect day is TODAY. So go ahead and start your fitness journey!

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